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Aloha! Welcome to da Hawaiian Store’s newest blog.  It will feature true stories about growing up as a keiki from the South Side of Maui (Kihei, Wailea and Maui Meadows)  along with a variety of other Hawaiian inspired topics. Click here to keep reading..


  1. I Love your store. I have questions. I will most definitely shop at your store but I have two questions? Is there anyway that you can buy the hibiscus perfume with the flower in the perfume bottle?Next where can I buy. FLAMEWORKS, DICHROIC GLASS EAR RING’S. I lost my favorite Green ear ring’s. We were station Air Force, living on EVA BEACH, I love the principal I love the schools they were so kind and so sweet my three boys went there one graduated at the high school I want to start at 93 the other one started kindergarten I can send you pictures of the earring and then wondering where I can get the hibiscus perfume with the hibiscus flower in the perfume bottle then I will be getting snacks, that the kids really really loved we were there for four years and I was someone is in case you heard the police bulletin on 2008 June I was the woman kicking and screaming I didn’t want to leave. The locals were always always kind added the beach and you couldn’t say no they insisted that you come have lunch with them or dinner I met a lot of nice people. How are you was my heaven and my sanctuary. I hope you can help and keep in touch.
    Karen Pepper


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